Andre Fecteau presented his MASc thesis seminar

Last Friday, Andre Fecteau presented his MASc thesis seminar. He gave a talk titled “An investigation of the onset of deflagration to detonation transition”. Supervisors Drs. James McDonald and Matei Radulescu were also present for the talk. Congrats, everyone!


Designing and executing an effective literature search – our librarian gave a seminar

Evan Sterling, our Science and Engineering librarian, gave a special seminar for us.

Mystified by trying to find information in a new research area? Daunted by the idea of doing a research term paper or a thesis lit review? In this presentation, Evan discussed how to design and execute an effective literature search, and showed us tips and tricks for Scopus and Zotero.

In case you missed it, you can see the presentation from his slides here:

Mech grad seminar – library presentation

Nathaniel Mailhot kicks things off for MCG seminars 2018-2019!

Welcome back to everyone for another academic year of MCG seminars! It was good to see such a full house on our first day.

To kick things off for the semester, MASc candidate Nathaniel Mailhot presented his thesis seminar titled “Pupil Tracking and Control of a Laser Based Power System for a Vision Restoring Retinal Implant”. A really interesting talk! Supervisor Dr. Spinello was also present for the seminar and photo-op. Congrats, Nathaniel!

MCG undergrads win CSME award

Clara Phillips and Hallie Arnott attended the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) National Design Competition on May 30th 2018, hosted by the CSME 2018 International Congress to present their Capstone design project in both poster and video format.

I am pleased to share that Clara and Hallie won the “Best Poster” award for their work on the “Design of a Low-Cost Transfemoral Prosthesis”  which was completed during their capstone design class along with colleagues Josha Bharadwa, Nicholas Di Ciero and Stavros Fotopoulos.

Congratulations Hallie and Clara!


Yousef Badripour presented his thesis Seminar

Earlier this week, MASc candidate Yousef Badripour presented his thesis seminar. The title of his talk was “Investigation of fraying in textile reinforcements for composites”. Supervisor Dr. Francois Robitaille also graced us with his presence, so I managed to get a photo without having to threaten to photoshop him into the photo. Thanks to both for an interesting seminar!

Justin Perry presented his thesis seminar

Yesterday, MASc candidate Justin Perry presented his thesis seminar titled “Pin fin array heat sinks by cold spray additive manufacturing: economics of powder recycling”. Supervisor Dr. Bertrand Jodoin was also present for the talk and the requisite photo. Thanks to Justin (and Dr. Jodoin) for an interesting talk! (And…bonus points because we managed to get Dr. Jodoin to crack a huge smile).