Andrée-Anne Dion-Dallaire presented her MASc thesis seminar

Last Friday, Andrée-Anne Dion-Dallaire presented her MASc work, titled “A 3D Solution-Adaptive Framework for Hyperbolic PDEs with Application to Explosive Dispersal of Radioactive Material”. Supervisor Professor James McDonald was present for the talk and obligatory photo. Congrats to Andrée-Anne and Prof. McDonald!

Qiang Xiao presented his PhD thesis seminar

On Friday, Qiang Xiao presented his PhD thesis seminar, showcasing research work under the supervision of Professor Matei Radulescu. The title of Qiang’s talk was “Propagation Characteristics of 2H2/O2/2Ar Cellular Detonations in Exponential Horns.” Congratulation to Qiang and Prof. Radulescu!

Rocio Dominguez Medrano presented her thesis seminar

Yesterday, Rocio Dominguez Medrano presented her MASc thesis seminar, titled “development of a sustainable solution for the elimination of helium in the copper cold spray process for used nuclear fuel containers”. Supervisor Professor Bertrand Jodoin was in attendance for the seminar but had to leave right away to be Uber-papa. So, we took the traditional photo with her lab-mates who were all there in support. Congrats, Rocio!

Jacob Hoffer presented his MASc thesis seminar

Yesterday, MASc candidate Jacob Hoffer presented his thesis seminar. Jacob presented a talk titled “development of a draping algorithm for non-structural aerospace composites”. The work was performed under the supervision of thesis supervisor professor Francois Robitaille, whom we were lucky enough to have in attendance for the talk. Congratulations Jacob and Prof. Robitaille!

Manit Ginoya gave a talk

Last week we were honored to hear a special presentation by BASc candidate Manit Ginoya. Manit gave a talk about the work he did during his international experience scholarship, where he spent 3 months as a robotics intern at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, at the California Institute of Technology. In his spare time, Manit is also the co-founder of the uOttawa Rocketry team who did some awesome things last summer.

Manit’s talk was about the development of the Balloon Locomotion for Extreme Terrain Concept. Members of the uOttawa rocketry also joined us for the talk!

Our librarian gave the first workshop of the year

Our librarian gave his first workshop of the year! Our Science and Engineering Librarian, Evan Sterling, gave a workshop on an introduction to doing a research paper and finding quality academic research. In this workshop, Evan showed us specific skills and tips to find better papers with fewer dead ends using the subscription resources we have for students.  You can view his presentation here.

You can also check out his research guide for mechanical engineering at .

Seminar info – Fall 2019

Hi everybody,

Welcome to a new academic year! This post is to remind everyone of the seminar requirements for MCG programs (Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing)– in particular for our new graduate students.  Please read this post carefully.

EVERYONE is welcome to ALL the seminars. You do not have to be registered in the seminar course to attend a seminar. 

The following applies to MCG students only.  It does NOT apply to BMG students – you have your own seminar series and requirements.


  • MASc students: attend 10 seminars.  Present one seminar ~ 20 minutes.
  • MEng students: attend 10 seminars. You do NOT need to present a seminar.
  • PhD students: attend 15 seminars.  Present one seminar ~ 20 minutes.

MASc/PhD students: you MUST present your seminar prior to submitting your thesis.


I send out the seminar announcements via email when there is a seminar.  No email announcement = no seminar. There is a google calendar for our MCG seminars that I keep up to date


Attendance at Carleton MCG seminars also counts towards your seminar requirements.  Make sure to complete the attendance sheet at Carleton and write ‘uOttawa’. Info at


To get the course credit, you need to register in  MCG5900 (MASc), MCG5947 (MEng), MCG9900 (PhD).  Once you register for the course you need to stay registered until you complete the seminar requirement (ie more than one semester). For many of you, it will make most sense to register in the course in the semester you intend to complete the seminar requirement.

It will typically take 2-3 semesters to complete the seminar requirement. We do not have seminars every week.

If you were in your program prior to Fall 2016, you do not need to register for the course but still need to fulfill the seminar requirement (older regulations did not have the seminar course code).

Attendance is taken via attendance sheets that are handed out at the seminar.  These sheets are also returned to the presenter (with names removed) so that they can get some feedback on their presentation.


Send me an email several weeks ahead of time and be prepared to send me your seminar abstract (as a word/PDF attachment) a week prior to your seminar.


If you arrive late to the seminar, you will not receive an attendance sheet and therefore your attendance will not count towards your seminar attendance requirement.  Being late is unprofessional – hence the penalty.


The goal of the seminar series is to learn what other students are up to, learn how to give a seminar and learn how to be a respectful audience at a scientific presentation.  For example, everybody is expected to show up on time, ask relevant questions and generally be polite members of an audience.  Arriving late, bringing a laptop or playing with your phone is considered rude and unprofessional behaviour.

More details on logistics, calendar, tips, and some photos from previous seminars can be found at

Hopefully that covers the major points.  If you have any questions, try to ask me in person at a seminar as it is quite likely that others have the same question.


Jian Mei gave his thesis seminar

Last Friday, MASc candidate Jian Mei presented his thesis seminar. The title of his talk was “Distributed Coverage Control of Multi-Agent System in Convective–Diffusive Time Evolving Environments”. Unfortunately, supervisor Dr. Davide Spinello was teaching a the time and couldn’t be present. Thanks for the seminar, Jian!

Advanced literature searching, publishing and promoting yourself

Last Friday, building on our previous ‘intro to lit review’ seminar, our librarian, Evan Sterling, returned to give a talk on advanced literature searching, publishing and promoting yourself.  You can find his slides here.

Don’t forget that you can always reach Evan by email at or book an in-person appointment