October 12 Seminar

Jean-Louis Pelletier will be presenting his thesis seminar today.  The abstract of his talk follows.

Study of Titanium Alloy Coating for Aviation Parts Repair Using Low Pressure Cold Spray and Pulsed Gas Dynamic Spray

Supervisor : Dr. B. Jodoin


The objective of this study is to successfully repair Ti-6Al-4V substrates by depositing Ti-6Al-4V layers using two new commercially available Cold Spray processes such as Low Pressure Cold Spray (LPCS) and Pulsed Gas Dynamic Spray (PGDS). The examination of both feedstock powder and coatings were performed by different techniques such as Optical Microscopy (OP) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Porosity, hardness, adhesion strength, wipe test, fracture surface and wear test have been evaluated. Cold spray has shown to be a promising technique for the deposition and repair of heat sensitive particles such as titanium alloy. LPCS and PGDS both produced high quality coatings.

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