Jaime Murillo presenting this Friday

Everybody is cordially invited to attend Jaime Murillo’s MASc thesis seminar this Friday.  The title of the talk is ” Design of a Pneumatic Artificial Muscle for Powered Lower Limb Prostheses”.  The talk abstract is below.

Date: Friday  25th January

Time: 2:30pm

Room: SITE G0103

I hope to see you all there!



By Jaime Murillo


Ideal prostheses are defined as artificial limbs that would permit physically impaired individuals freedom of movement and independence rather than a life of disability and dependence. Current lower limb prostheses range from a single mechanical revolute joint to advanced microprocessor controlled mechanisms. Despite the advancement in technology and medicine, current lower limb prostheses are still lacking an actuation element that prohibit patients from regaining their original mobility and improve their quality of life.

This thesis aims to design and test a Pneumatic Artificial Muscle that would actuate lower limb prostheses which would offer patients the ability to ascend and descend stairs as well as standing up from a sitting position. A comprehensive study of knee biomechanics is first accomplished to characterize the actuation requirement, and subsequently a Pneumatic Artificial Muscle design is proposed. A novel design of muscle end fixtures is presented which would allow the muscle to operate at a gage pressure surpassing 2.76 MPa (i.e. 400 psi) and yield to a muscle force that is at least 3 times greater than any existing Pneumatic Artificial Muscle force. Finally, the proposed Pneumatic Artificial Muscle is tested and validated to verify that it meets the size, weight, kinetics as well as kinematics requirements of a human knee articulation.


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