Elhamosadat Foumani to present this Friday

Everyone is invited to a seminar this Friday by Elhamosadat Alavi Foumani.  Elham will be giving a talk on crack detection in bladed disks.  The seminar abstract is below.

Date: Friday 1st February.

Time: 2:30pm

Location: SITE G0103

I hope to see you all there.


Bladed Disk Crack Detection Through Advanced Analysis of Blade Passage Signals

BY: Elhamosadat Alavi Foumani

Abstract: Health condition monitoring and fault diagnostics of turbo fan engines play significant roles in overall cost reduction and reliability enhancement of the aircraft system. Among various types of potential faults in a turbo fan engine, crack initiation and propagation in the bladed disks of engines caused by high-cycle fatigue under cyclic loads are typical ones that could result in the breakdown of the engines if not detected at an early stage. Although a number of approaches have been reported in literature, it still remains very challenging to develop a reliable technique to accurately estimate the health condition of bladed disks of engines. As such, this work presents a new technique for engine bladed disk crack detection through advanced analysis of blade tip clearance and time-of-arrival signals. Two stages of signal processing are involved in this technique: 1) signal pre-processing for removing the noise caused by rotor imbalance; and 2) signal post-processing for identifying the initiation and location of the crack. The effectiveness of the developed technique is validated experimentally in a spin rig test.

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