Carleton Seminars

For those that are interested, Carleton also has a series of seminars in mechanical engineering that our students are welcomed to attend (your attendance at those seminars will also be counted as part of your seminar requirement for your degree).   All the Carleton seminars are in the Mackenzie Building in ME3124.

I have added the dates, times and seminar abstracts to our MCG seminar Calendar.  Also, the seminars on March 22 feature 2 of our own graduate students!

The last four seminars at Carleton are:

Friday, March 8. 3:00pm Joana Rocha Acoustics and its Multidisciplinary Applications: Aerospace, Mechanical, Biomedical Engineering, and More…
Wednesday, March 13. 10:30am Matthew Schiedel,

Michael Brown

Team Ontario 2013 Solar Decathlon: A Lesson in High Performance Housing Design and Construction
Friday, March 15. 1:00pm Liam O’Brien Occupant-Proof Buildings: Can we design buildings that are robust against occupant behaviour?
Friday, March 22. 1:00pm


1. Philippe Dupuis

2. Yannick Cormier

1. Production of Pyramidal Fin Arrays using Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying

2. Performance of Pyramidal Fin Arrays






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