Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Poster Competition

Tomorrow (March 27, 2013), come check out what some of our MCG grads have been up to.  The Faculty of Engineering is hosting a Graduate Student Poster  Competition in the atrium of SITE.

The schedule for tomorrow is

10 a.m. Presentations begin
12 p.m. Lunch
1 p.m. Presentations resume
4 p.m. Award Ceremony & Reception

The following MCG/BMG students will be show-casing their work:

KETABCHI, Amirhossein, MASc: Influence of Nanoscale Surface Modications on the Fatigue Resistance of Medically Relevant Metals

MURILLO, Jaime Alonso, MASc: Design of a Pneumatic artificial muscle for powered lower limb prostheses

ALAM, Muhammad Faisal, MASc: Optimizing the squeeze casting process of carbon fiber reinforced aluminium matrix composites

VANDERWEL, Christina Marie, PhD: Experimental study of turbulent dispersion

DUMOND, Patrick, PhD: Inverse Eigenvalue Problems for Design Engineering

TUNDO, Marco,  MASc: Correcting Smartphone Orientation for Accelerometer-Based Analysis

DASTMALCHI, Azadeh, MASc: Estimating Blood Pressure by Artificial Neural Network

AHMADI, Nona, PhD: Investigating the hematocrit division in microcirculation network

CHOUEIRI, George H., PhD: Vortex Street Development in Eccentric Annular Channels and its Connection to Nuclear Reactor Safety

NG, Kwan-Ching Geoffrey, PhD: Hip joint stresses before and after corrective surgery for cam femoroacetabular impingement

RECOSKIE, Steven Gerald, PhD: Hybrid Power Plant Design for a Long Range Dirigible UAV

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