Javad Fattahi to present next Friday

The next speaker in our student seminar series will be Javad Fattahi. Javad will be giving a talk titled “Distributed Parameters Modelling and Control of a Slender Robot for Exploration and Sensing”.

Where: CBY D207

Date: Friday April 4th, 2014

Time: 14:30

The seminar of the talk is given below. Hope to see you all there!

Distributed Parameters Modelling and Control of a Slender Robot for Exploration and Sensing

Candidate: Javad Fattahi
Supervisor: Dr. Davide Spinello



In this work we consider the continuous model of a mobile slender robot. Rigid body degrees of freedom and deformability of the system are coupled through a Lagrangian weak formulation that includes control inputs to achieve forward locomotion and shape tracking. The forward locomotion and the shape tracking are associated to the coupling with a substrate that models a generic environment in which the robot could be deployed, and mimic the spinal locomotion mechanisms of millipedes and centipedes in which the forward motion is propelled by a system of legs, and the flexible body adapts to non-zero curvature of the substrate. The assumption of small deformations around rigid body placements allows to adopt the floating reference kinematic description. By posing the distributed parameters control problem in a weak form we naturally introduce an approximate solution technique based on Galerkin projection on the linear mode shapes of the Timoshenko beam model, that is adopted to describe the body of the robot. Simulation results illustrate coupling among forward motion and shape tracking as described by the dynamics governing the system.

Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Poster Competition – 2014 edition

Check out the photos of our brilliant, smiling graduate students.  Very proud of you guys!  Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.  Click on the photos for a larger version.