Next Wednesday 27th August: the latest spawn of the dungeon

After many decades lost in the darkness of the CBY dungeon known as B08D, a mythical creature of mediocre proportions emerges in order to present his thesis. No one really knows how he got to work on guitars. But one thing is certain; his thesis might be a little easier to understand than most… Many unconfirmed sightings have been reported over the years by students who may or may not have had him as a TA in their undergrad, which just reinforces the timeless nature of the beast. Some say that that sightings are even rarer in the summer months when strange phone calls to the dungeon are received asking for favours. Nobody really knows how any other human being agreed to work on a project similar to his own but many feel uneasy at the sight of the blue Maple code sprawled across his computer screen. Interestingly, some rumours have it that the creature’s keeper is the new department chair, waiting to unleash the beast on a new, unsuspecting group of students. Only time will tell what ravages await…


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