Drag Reduction on Airplanes using Laminar Flow Control – FRIDAY FEBRUARY 6th!

Special Seminar!  Speaker: Professor Dan Henningson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

DATE: Friday February 6th, 2015

Location:  University of Ottawa    
Colonel By Pavilion,  Room  D207,  161 Louis Pasteur    
2:30-­‐3:30 pm: Presentation
3:30-­‐4:00: Question and Answer Session

Abstract:  Recent work within a number of EU-­‐projects have shown that laminar flow can significantly reduce drag and fuel consumption of modern transport aircraft. Methods include the application of suction on the wing surface and the modification of the wing geometry in order to minimize growth of disturbances that causes laminar-­‐turbulent   transition. Efficient  optimization  of  suction  distributions  and  wing  shapes  can  be performed using so called adjoint methods from optimal control theory. It is shown that such suction distributions and wing shapes significantly increases the laminar regions of wings on transport aircraft. Such optimization tools are now used in the next generation of laminar flow projects, such as the EU Joint Technology Initiative Clean Sky. Showstoppers and an outlook for future work will also be presented.

Dr. Henningson’s research and professional activities include Research on linear and nonlinear hydrodynamic stability and numerical simulation of transitional and turbulent flow.  His academic background is Civ.Ing KTH 1983, M.Eng MIT 1985, PhD KTH 1988, Docent KTH 1992, while his professional history incudes Research Scientist FFA 1985-­‐. Ass. Prof. Appl. Math. MIT 1988-­‐1992. Adj. Prof. Mechanics (20%) KTH 1992-­‐1998. Lektor Mechanics (50%) 1998-­‐1999.

References: http://www.e-­‐science.se/, http://www.cleansky.eu/

This  event  is  being  organized  in  collaboration with the University of Ottawa and the Carleton Mechanical and Aerospace Society (CMAS).


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