Winner! Winner!

Now at its ninth edition, the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Student Poster Competition allows students to showcase their research to the experts and public alike, often for the first time. Most of the judges are experts from industry and Ottawa’s world-class R&D organizations or sometimes investors with a trained eye for breakthrough ideas. Along with demonstrated expertise in their chosen fields, students must also know how to sell their ideas and market their research.

“This competition is a great way for students to make contacts in industry and R&D ventures – for potential employers this is a great opportunity to see the cutting edge research underway at the graduate level,” said the Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ioan Nistor.

..and the MCG winners are…

1st: Alex Steeves – Characterization and in Vitro Bioactivity of Poly (Dopamine).

2nd: Daniel MacDonald – Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Using Cold Spray.

3rd: Ruben Fernandez – Deposition and Simulation of Thick Copper Cold Spray Coatings on Steel for Used Nuclear Fuel Repository Using Nitrogen and Pulsed Waterjet Surface Preparation.

Honourable Mention – Maxime-Alexandre Ferko – Effects of Cobalt Ions from Hip Implants on Inflammasome Activation in Macrophages in Vitro. 

2nd place in the Masters of Engineering category: Aditi Khandelwal – Navigation Guidance to the Visually Impaired Using a Programmable Robot.

Mechanics / Materials Award from the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering: Shuai Yang – Design, Modeling and Testing of a Two-Term Mass Device with a Variable Flywheel.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Best Female Presenter (Honourable Mention): Catriona S. Czyrnyj – A Semi-Automated Approach to the Measurement of Urogenital Kinematics in the Sagittal Plane.


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