Shuai Yang presented his PhD thesis seminar

Yesterday, my student Shuai Yang presented his PhD thesis seminar titled “analysis of vehicle suspension system integration with nonlinear two-terminal mass components”. Unfortunately, co-supervisor Dr. Ming Liang could not be present. We were lucky enough to have Shuai’s wife join us. Congratulations Shuai, one step closer to finishing and we are all very proud of you. 

Hubert Villeneuve presented last Friday 

Last week, MASc candidate Hubert Villeneuve presented his thesis work, giving a talk titled “height estimation of a blimp unmanned aerial vehicle using inertial measurement unit and infrared camera”. The work was done under the supervision of Dr. Eric Lanteigne, who was also present for the talk. Well done, Hubert, congrats on presenting your work!

First seminar of 2017

Kicking things off in 2017 was Simon Baril-Gosselin who presented his PhD thesis work on “Fabrication of carbon fibre opposites reinforced with carbon nanotubes”. Unfortunately, PhD supervisor Dr. François Robitaille was teaching and unable to attend.  However, there was an enthusiastic audience and our grad students were kind enough to supply us with coffee and cookies (because all scientific talks are made better by coffee and cookies.

Simon Baril-Gosselin