Justin Perry presented his thesis seminar

Yesterday, MASc candidate Justin Perry presented his thesis seminar titled “Pin fin array heat sinks by cold spray additive manufacturing: economics of powder recycling”. Supervisor Dr. Bertrand Jodoin was also present for the talk and the requisite photo. Thanks to Justin (and Dr. Jodoin) for an interesting talk! (And…bonus points because we managed to get Dr. Jodoin to crack a huge smile).

Yunpeng Guan presented his PhD thesis seminar

This pas week, PhD candidate Yunpeng Guan presented his research seminar titled “velocity synchrosqueezing transform for fault diagnosis of planetary gearboxes under nonstationary conditions”. Unfortunately, supervisor Dr. Ming Liang could not be present. However, co-supervisor Dr. Dan Necsulescu was there. Nice work, Yunpeng!