Vinay Singh presented his MASc seminar

Last Wednesday, MASc candidate Vinay Singh presented his thesis seminar titled “Design and Shape Optimization of Unmanned, Semi-Rigid Airship for Rapid Descent Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm”. Supervisor Dr. Eric Lanteigne was present for the seminar and the photo op. Thanks to everyone who came out to the seminars this summer!

Jeff Lamonde presented his Seminar

Yesterday, Jeff Lamonde presented his MASc thesis seminar on “Development of an Autonomous Inspection Robot for Small Diameter Pipes”. Interesting talk, and supervisor Dr. Eric Lanteigne was present to support his student. 

Missing in action were the timbits and coffee.  There was a near riot, but luckily we staged an intervention. No riots. Sadly, no timbits either. 

Jaime Murillo presents his thesis seminar

Jaime Murillos presented this thesis seminar this past Friday, talking about how he developed a new Pneumatic Artificial Muscle for his master’s project.

Photo of Jaime with supervisor Dr. Marc Doumit is below – click on the photo for a larger version.

Dr. Marc Doumit with MASc student Jaime Murillo