MCG seminars have moved online…

So, as everyone is quite likely aware, in-person seminars may not be happening for quite some time. So MCG seminars have moved online! Last week featured Mayank Vadsola presenting his MASc thesis seminar work. The thesis work was supervised by Dr. Catherine Mavriplis and Dr. Gbemeho Agbaglah. The title of his talk was “High-Order Spectral Element Method Simulation of Flow Past a 30P30N Three-Element High Lift Wing”. You can check out his talk here.

Curtis Livingston presented his MASc seminar

Last Friday, Curtis Livingston presented his MASc thesis work, giving a talk titled “Multi-structure turbulence in a boundary layer with a uniformly sheared free stream”. His thesis supervisor, professor Stavros Tavoularis, was present for the talk. Congratulations to Curtis and Prof. Tavoularis!

Professor Stavros Tavoularis and Curtis Livingston

Visiting PhD student Stefano Boccelli gave a talk about aerospace plasmas

Yesterday, visiting PhD student Stefano Boccelli gave a talk on “Non-equilibrium aerospace plasmas: from hypersonics to electric propulsion”. Stefano is a visiting PhD student from Politecnico di Milano and the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics. He is visiting at uOttawa for a few months to work with Professor James McDonald and his team. Stefano’s work deals with the investigation of non-equilibrium fluid dynamic models for electric space propulsion applications. Thanks, Stefano, for a very interesting talk!

Visiting PhD student Stefano Boccelli (left) with Professor James McDonald (right) and two members of his team (centre left Willem Kaufmann, centre right Fabien Giroux).

Andrée-Anne Dion-Dallaire presented her MASc thesis seminar

Last Friday, Andrée-Anne Dion-Dallaire presented her MASc work, titled “A 3D Solution-Adaptive Framework for Hyperbolic PDEs with Application to Explosive Dispersal of Radioactive Material”. Supervisor Professor James McDonald was present for the talk and obligatory photo. Congrats to Andrée-Anne and Prof. McDonald!

Closing out 2016 – Aurelian Tanase presented his seminar

Last but not least for 2016, Aurelian Tanase presented his PhD thesis seminar, with PhD work completed under the supervision of Drs. Tavoularis and Groeneveld. The title of the talk was “flow and heat transfer in tubes with objects”.It was an interesting talk, followed by some delicious shawarma to round out our fall semester. Congrats Aurelian and here’s to 2017!