Andrée-Anne Dion-Dallaire presented her MASc thesis seminar

Last Friday, Andrée-Anne Dion-Dallaire presented her MASc work, titled “A 3D Solution-Adaptive Framework for Hyperbolic PDEs with Application to Explosive Dispersal of Radioactive Material”. Supervisor Professor James McDonald was present for the talk and obligatory photo. Congrats to Andrée-Anne and Prof. McDonald!

Qiang Xiao presented his PhD thesis seminar

On Friday, Qiang Xiao presented his PhD thesis seminar, showcasing research work under the supervision of Professor Matei Radulescu. The title of Qiang’s talk was “Propagation Characteristics of 2H2/O2/2Ar Cellular Detonations in Exponential Horns.” Congratulation to Qiang and Prof. Radulescu!

Rocio Dominguez Medrano presented her thesis seminar

Yesterday, Rocio Dominguez Medrano presented her MASc thesis seminar, titled “development of a sustainable solution for the elimination of helium in the copper cold spray process for used nuclear fuel containers”. Supervisor Professor Bertrand Jodoin was in attendance for the seminar but had to leave right away to be Uber-papa. So, we took the traditional photo with her lab-mates who were all there in support. Congrats, Rocio!

Justin Perry presented his thesis seminar

Yesterday, MASc candidate Justin Perry presented his thesis seminar titled “Pin fin array heat sinks by cold spray additive manufacturing: economics of powder recycling”. Supervisor Dr. Bertrand Jodoin was also present for the talk and the requisite photo. Thanks to Justin (and Dr. Jodoin) for an interesting talk! (And…bonus points because we managed to get Dr. Jodoin to crack a huge smile).

Closing out 2016 – Aurelian Tanase presented his seminar

Last but not least for 2016, Aurelian Tanase presented his PhD thesis seminar, with PhD work completed under the supervision of Drs. Tavoularis and Groeneveld. The title of the talk was “flow and heat transfer in tubes with objects”.It was an interesting talk, followed by some delicious shawarma to round out our fall semester. Congrats Aurelian and here’s to 2017!

Ruben Fernandez presented his PhD thesis seminar

Ruben Fernandez presented his PhD thesis seminar, giving a talk titled “Deposition of Thick Copper Cold Spray Coatings on Steel for Used Nuclear Fuel Repository using Nitrogen and Pulsed Waterjet Surface Preparation.”  

It was a really interesting talk, lots of questions afterwards! Unfortunately, supervisor Dr. Bertrand Jodoin was unable to attend but I am sure he would have been very proud.  The labmates stood in for the supervisor in the obligatory photo. Congrats Ruben on almost completing your PhD!

Bijan Borzou presented his PhD thesis seminar

Huge crowd came out on Friday to hear Bijan Borzou present his PhD thesis seminar on “The Influence of Cellular Structure on the Dynamics of Detonations with Constant Mass Divergence”.  Well done, Bijan! Unfortunately, supervisor Dr. Matei Radulescu was away at a conference, however his research group came out in support of their colleague. Meanwhile, I forgot my real camera (sorry) so had to take iPhone photos…