Yang Luo presented his PhD thesis seminar

I’m super proud of my grad student, Yang Luo, who presented his PhD thesis seminar last Friday. Co-supervisor Dr. Ming Liang would also have been pleased if he could have been present. Well done, Yang! One step closer to finishing…

Yunpeng Guan presented his PhD thesis seminar

This pas week, PhD candidate Yunpeng Guan presented his research seminar titled “velocity synchrosqueezing transform for fault diagnosis of planetary gearboxes under nonstationary conditions”. Unfortunately, supervisor Dr. Ming Liang could not be present. However, co-supervisor Dr. Dan Necsulescu was there. Nice work, Yunpeng!

First seminar of 2018!

To kick off 2018, PhD student Huan Huang presented her thesis seminar, titled “Methods for bearing fault diagnosis under constant and time-varying speed conditions”. Huan is working on her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ming Liang and myself. Dr. Liang could not join us but I was honored to have my photo taken with my student (thanks to Yang for taking the photo)!

Shuai Yang presented his PhD thesis seminar

Yesterday, my student Shuai Yang presented his PhD thesis seminar titled “analysis of vehicle suspension system integration with nonlinear two-terminal mass components”. Unfortunately, co-supervisor Dr. Ming Liang could not be present. We were lucky enough to have Shuai’s wife join us. Congratulations Shuai, one step closer to finishing and we are all very proud of you.